Ultimate Beach Packing List

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Ultimate Beach Packing List

Seaboard Hotels' Ultimate Beach Packing List

Are you planning a beach vacation? Use our Ultimate Beach Packing List to help you plan everything you’ll need for the best get away possible.

This convenient Ultimate Beach Packing List will help you:
– Save time and money
– Keep you from overpacking
– Stress less

So let’s get to it, here’s your Ultimate Beach Packing List
(use the list below, or download our interactive Ultimate Beach Packing List here!)


____ Dresses
____ Shorts
____ Pants
____ Jeans
____ Casual shirts
____ Dress shirt
____ T-shirts
____ Sleepwear
____ Undershirts/bras
____ Socks/Stockings
____ Underwear
____ Skirts
____ Sweaters/sweatshirts
____ Formalwear (only if needed)
____ Swimsuits/cover-ups
____ Coat(s)/jacket/rainwear
____ Hat/gloves/scarves
____ Umbrella
____ Laundry kit (soap, stain remover)
____ Laundry bag
____ Leisure shoes
____ Athletic shoes
____ Walking shoes
____ Dress shoes
____ Belts
____ Ties
____ Jewelry
____ Purses


____ Toothbrush
____ Toothpaste
____ Dental floss
____ Soap*
____ Deodorant
____ Perfume/cologne
____ Shampoo/conditioner*
____ Brush/comb
____ Hairstyling tools
____ Hairstyling products
____ Makeup remover
____ Face cleanser
____ Face tonor/lotion/gel/etc.
____ Sunscreen
____ Moisturizer
____ Contact lenses/solution
____ Shaving supplies
____ Makeup
____ Feminine-hygiene products
____ Tweezers
____ Nail file/clippers
____ Hand sanitizer
____ Bandages
____ First-aid ointment
____ Insect repellent
____ Medications
____ Pain relievers
____ Vitamins


____ Credit-card(s)
____ Cash
____ Document holder
____ Emergency contacts
____ List of medications
____ Plug adaptor(s)
____ Binoculars
____ Camera w/ memory card
____ Electronic chargers
____ Laptop/tablet/iPad/Kindle
____ Books or ebooks
____ Cell phone/charger
____ Earbuds/headphones
____ Video/music player
____ Travel blanket
____ Travel pillow
____ Mints
____ Snacks

____ Ear plugs/eye mask
____ Collapsible totes
____ Beach towel*
____ Beach chair*

* Most Seaboard Hotels supply these items. Ask the front desk about beach towels and chairs.

10 Beach Tips to Remember:

  1. Before traveling, check the weather during your vacation dates. This will help you plan more efficiently and pack less. If your stay is for longer than one week, consider packing for just one week. (All Seaboard Hotels have convenient, affordable washers, dryers and/or laundry service.)
  2. Think polished, not dumpy. Leave the cut offs and torn tees at home. What if you ran into the client you’ve been courting or your significant other’s mother on your trip? Not that you will, but just in case!
  3. Bring an extra water tight bag or two. They fold up small and if you have a wet suit or sandy sandals, it will be easy to transport them without getting the rest of your clothing wet or dirty.
  4. Think about the type of beach you’ll be visiting and bring the appropriate shoes. Whether that is sandals, flip flops or water shoes, the right foot gear will make the trip more enjoyable.
  5. Bring 2 swimsuits so you’ll also have a dry one. And double check the weather to make sure you have the right weight of cover up with you.
  6. Choose a unique beach bag pattern so it’s easy to spot from far away. If it’s waterproof, and has a closable inside pocket, that is especially helpful to keep items dry and contained.
  7. Take with you what you brought. Drop a grocery bag into your bag to use as a convenient garbage bag for trash items while you are on the beach.
  8. Don’t get burned. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen, apply often and wear a hat. The sun is no joke and a nasty sun burn can turn a good vacation into an unbearable one. Think ahead and consider purchasing ocean-safe or reef-safe sunscreens.
  9. Do a little research to find out the do’s/don’t’s of your beach destination. Every beach has its own variations of rules, regulations and laws. Many times your hotel may have this list for reference.
  10. And if you are already reaching out to your hotel, ask about beach chairs, towels etc. that they supply to guests. This can make your beach packing list a bit shorter.


Seaboard Hotels
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