Tips for Traveling on a Plane with Your Kids

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Tips for Traveling on a Plane with Your Kids

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Everyone is the same; whenever it comes to planning a trip that requires getting in the on plane, we all hope and pray for a few things. Firstly, we hope that we make it to our gate on time with no major delays in the baggage checking line or through security and secondly, we cross our fingers, toes, legs, arms and everything else in hopes that the airline doesn’t manage to lose our luggage. If you’re thinking that we forgot one, you’re right – there is just one more thing that all of us travelers wish for the minute we board our flights: that that three year old that we saw while waiting at the gate isn’t sitting anywhere near us.

So what do you do when that temperamental, whining, screaming, kicking child is actually yours? Clearly there is no escape plan for you on this flight, but you can try to ensure that you and your surrounding passengers make it through the next few hours with your sanity intact. Here are a few tips and ideas for keeping your child entertained and under control on a long flight:

The Magic Bag of Tricks

To you, it’s a paper bag filled with dollar-store items such as sticks, cards, Crayons and so forth; to your child, it is a magic bag filled with hours of entertainment. Stash this is your carry-on and bring it out as soon as the plane takes off.

Downloads are Your Friend

Before the flight, allow your child to download a couple of fun kid-friendly apps to play on your smartphone or iPad while in the air. If you’re looking for something long lasting, consider downloading a movie or a few episodes of their favorite show, which will give them something to look forward to. Just make sure that you don’t forget to pack the headphones!

Ask for Extra Pillows

Besides the noise factor, children who kick the seat in front of them is one of biggest complaints that travelers have. You can’t exactly tape your child’s legs to his or her own seat, but you can ask the flight attendant for an extra pillow or two to serve as an insulated barrier between their feet and the seat in front of them.

Of course, these are just a few great tips to get you started, but we encourage you to check out the full list on and see if any of them work for you! Have anything to add? Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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