Three Family Vacation Planning Tips You Must Know

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Three Family Vacation Planning Tips You Must Know

Family Vacation Tips

Family vacations are a great way to explore a new place and unwind with your spouse and kids—if you plan well. Here are some of our best family vacation planning tips:

Pick a destination the whole family will love

In your pre-child days, you may have loved spending hours in art museums—not a good plan with restless kids. On the other hand, your kids might want to spend the vacation at an amusement park, which could get exhausting for everyone. Choose a place with a variety of activities that you can take at different paces. The beach is great, especially if your hotel has a pool and if there are fun activities nearby, like mini-golf or nature walks.

Don’t over-plan

Kids do best when you stick to one or two activities a day, rather than cramming in a full day of rushing from one sight to the next. Make sure to leave some time in each day for rest, especially if you have younger kids who may need nap time.

Save money with rewards programs

Traveling with the kids can really add up between the tickets, the meals and the hotels. Save yourself some hard-earned cash by using rewards programs, such as the loyalty program we offer at Seaboard Hotels. Every time you stay with us, you accumulate points that can be used at our four beautiful properties along the Delaware Beaches and North Carolina Outer Banks. The best part? The rewards program is 100% free, and you’re automatically enrolled when you check out!

Seaboard Hotels
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