Looking to Book a Flight Tonight? Try this New App

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June 3, 2014
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Looking to Book a Flight Tonight? Try this New App

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Sometimes, you simply don’t want to spend months planning a vacation. Sometimes, you just wake up and think, “You know what? I just need to get away – today!” In the past, doing has proven to be extremely difficult. How are you supposed to find a decently priced plane ticket at the last minute? Well unless you have time to search through practically every single airline and flight deal site on the internet, it’s just not going to happen. At least, it wouldn’t before the invention of new travel app, Flight Tonight.

After downloading the app to your iPhone or iPad, you’ll have the option of setting your home airport. From there, you will get instant access to the best prices for flights from that airport to a variety of great destinations.

Though you may not be able to find prices that differ much from those for flights booked far in advance, the Flight Tonight app is designed to look for deals. So if you’re just dying to get out of town this very minute, you can just open up your app and see the most affordable options right in front of you. Instead of having to browse through every airline website to see which one is offering the best deal, you can use that extra time to pack your bags.

Additionally, one cool thing about the Flight Tonight app that you don’t see on many other fight deal websites is the fact that you don’t have to type in a destination first to see the deals. If you’re just looking to get away somewhere, you don’t have to keep searching “Myrtle Beach,” “New York City,” etc. Instead, your homepage will be lined with a variety of cities with price tags attached. You’ll know which destination is most affordable with one easy glance.

So what do you think? Would you use the Flight Tonight app? How would you compare it to other travel apps and websites, like Kayak and Orbitz? Let us know in the comments section below!

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