Interesting Facts about Seashells

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Interesting Facts about Seashells

Seashell Facts

If you love the beach, you probably love collecting seashells. Gathered in a jar, they make the perfect souvenir of your beach vacation.

Test your knowledge of your favorite beach keepsake with these fun facts:

  • People have been collecting shells for a very long time. A collection of seashells was actually found among the ruins of Pompeii! It consisted of shells that came from as far as the Red Sea, gathered by an ancient collector.
  • If you find a sinistral shell (a shell that opens to the left) consider yourself lucky! These shells are a rarity, as 9 out of 10 seashells open to the right.
  • Conch shells’ size, shape and texture are more than just beautiful. They have developed in order to ward off predators. In tropical waters, shells tend to have more elaborate patterns because predators are more plentiful there.
  • Shells have been used as currency in places near the Indian and Pacific Oceans. People have also used them as tools in many ocean-side places.
  • Can’t get enough shells? There is a beach in Western Australia that is more than 74 feet long and over 32 feet deep. Appropriately, it is named Shell Beach.

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