How You Can Keep Your Phone Safe While Traveling

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How You Can Keep Your Phone Safe While Traveling

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Your phone is a travel essential. You use it to look up directions, hail taxis, take photos and get restaurant recommendations. However, it is also a security risk. Your phone could get lost or stolen, leaving you with the enormous expense of replacing it. Moreover, your phone contains a lot of important data about you, which could be harmful if it falls into the wrong hands.

Read on to learn how to keep your phone safe while traveling.

Use a strong password or biometric protection

Whatever you do, do not use “1234” as your password. Keep your phone locked with a strong password that only you know. (A strong password is a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.) Better yet, use biometric protection and require a fingerprint or iris scan to unlock your phone.

Avoid keeping your phone in your back pocket

It may seem like a logical place to stash your phone, but the back pocket is a recipe for disaster. The phone could fall into a toilet or be plucked out by a pickpocket when you are not paying attention.

Public Wi-Fi? Beware

It is tempting to use public Wi-Fi networks to avoid cellular roaming fees. But never transmit credit card data or other personal information over these networks, as it is relatively easy for thieves to hack into them.

Now that you know how to keep your phone safe while traveling, you can rest easy during your vacation at one of Seaboard Hotels’ four beautiful properties along the Delaware Beaches and North Carolina Outer Banks. Come find out why travelers have been enjoying their stays with us since 1978. Book your room today and get ready to hit the beach!

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