How to Travel “Green”

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How to Travel “Green”

Green Traveling Tips

Traveling can help us relax, broaden our minds and make new memories. But it can also harm the environment if we aren’t careful.

Take care of the earth while enjoying your vacation by learning how to travel “green”:

Prep your home

Green travel begins before you even leave the house. Avoid wasting power by unplugging all unnecessary appliances—we’re looking at that table lamp, for example—and turning down the thermostat. If you normally have the newspaper delivered, save paper by suspending your deliveries while you’re away.

Think about your transportation

Do you really need to drive everywhere at your destination, or would a pleasant walk or short bus ride suffice?

Eat locally sourced food

Skip the fast food on vacation and instead seek out restaurants that get their produce, meat and dairy from local farmers and their seafood from local fishermen. Carbon emissions from trucks transporting food products long distance harms the environment, so eating local is good for the earth as well as your taste buds!

Leave no trace

Litter hurts wildlife and the local landscape. Wherever you go, commit to “leaving no trace.” Carry reusable bags, straws, takeaway containers and utensils, as well as a reusable water bottle. If you don’t see a trash receptacle while you’re out and about, carry your trash with you until you find one.

Use some of these green travel tips the next time you plan a trip to one of Seaboard Hotels’ four beautiful properties along the Delaware Beaches and North Carolina Outer Banks. Book your spring or summer trip today!

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