Four Signs You Need a Vacation

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September 21, 2017
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Four Signs You Need a Vacation

Four Signs You Need a Vacation

Feeling stressed lately? Overwhelmed by even the most basic tasks at work and at home? You might be in need of a vacation!

According to Project Time Off’s State of the American Vacation report, Americans wasted a whopping 662 million vacation days last year, with the trend expected to continue. If some of those wasted days belong to you, you could be at risk for burnout-related ailments like weight gain, anxiety and depression.

Here are some surefire signs that it’s time to book that getaway as soon as you can:

You are a vending-machine regular

Reaching for unhealthy snacks like chips or candy to keep you going is a sign that your body is aching for a break.

You can’t remember the last time you went to a Little League Game

If you’ve been missing dance recitals, birthday parties and family dinners you know you should attend, it is time to press pause.

You want to throw your phone across the room

Phones can be helpful, allowing us to solve problems and keep in touch with friends and family.  However, if you feel anxious every time your phone rings, worrying it is a message from your boss, that is a surefire sign you need to unplug.

Coffee doesn’t work anymore

If you are chugging caffeine all day long and still feel like you are dragging yourself through your day, you are probably burned out and need to recharge.

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