Flying in Silence: The Dream is Becoming a Reality

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Flying in Silence: The Dream is Becoming a Reality

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How many times have you hoped to catch some sleep during a long flight, only to be interrupted by a loud passenger or a crying baby? It’s something that tops the list of everyone’s travel nightmare stories. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for you to completely tune out your surroundings on a flight so that even if you can’t recline and relax, you still have some hope of being comfortable enough to get some shut-eye? Well thanks to a company called, Silentium, the dream may become a reality soon enough.

Already seasoned in creating noise-canceling products, Silentium is making huge strides to take a noise-reduction technology called the “Quiet Bubble” and give every flight passenger their one quiet zone in their seat. Installed into each airline seat and its headrest, the technology would electronically capture and muffle any noise in the surrounding vicinity. So instead of being haunted by the sounds of the screaming toddler sitting three rows back during your entire flight, you can simply shut your eyes and drift off into a quiet and peaceful sleep.

Right now, Silentium is simply hoping to generate interest at upcoming airline industry trade shows but if all goes well, the company hopes that the technology will grow to be considered for trains and automobiles, as well.

So what do you think about this technology? For those travel to any one of our hotels throughout Rehoboth Beach and the Outer Banks via airplane, how much could you see this technology impacting your attitude towards flying? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Yahoo!

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